This web site provides information on the work of Monitoring and Evaluation Research Associates Ltd. (MERA).

* Towards an evidence based policy/operational development model - integration of monitoring, assessment/evaluation and forecasting/policy development within central, local government and NGO operations

* Developing high quality statistical knowledge bases to monitor changing lifestyle and lifecycle characteristics and needs of people, populations, households, families, communities, regions etc.

* Evolving and applying "smart" technology to the study of populations and communities for more than 10 years in New Zealand (eg. "datalab" based systems development)

* Applying official statistical information to improving the delivery of services and infrastructure to populations and communities

* Understanding the interaction between human activities and place or environment in order to guide sustainable development of populations and communities


Monitoring and Evaluation Research Associates Ltd.

Monitoring Evaluation Prediction

"putting the pieces together"

11th March 2015


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Recent Presentations are listed and can be downloaded here

2006 NZ Labour Market Catchments and Draft Region Definitions available to download - click here

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Recent Work Summaries

Some Recent Presentations (Powerpoint)

Work Interests

Migration and Population Statistics

Demographic Studies

Migration Research

NZ Regional Migration Modelling (refer March 2001 LMPG scoping study)

1981 to 2001 NZ intercensal migration flow and population estimates

Employment and Workforce Research

NZ and Australian local labour market area geographic classifications 1991 - 2011

Directory of NZ Local Labour Market Catchment Areas Classifications and Statistics (new index, old version online maps)

Iniital 1991 census based classification report - Department of Labour report (LMPG OP 2001 LMPG paper refers)

Multiple Job Holding

Regional Employment by Industry and Occupation

Regional Studies

Education Statistical Studies and Roll Projections


Forward Projections Population, Migration

Urban or Regional Development Studies and Modelling Projects

Health and Disability Studies

Reviews, Audits and Evaluation Studies

Geographic Information System (GIS) Projects

Projects & Programmes

Rural communities, agriculture and New Zealand regions

Early Childhood Participation Studies

Wellington Datalab & Development Modelling Project

Kapiti Coast District Development Trends Study

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